Allow more outputs for Case Expression (dates, emails, etc.)

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Raising this as a product idea/request as it doesn’t seem to be getting any attention alongside the original discussion:

My personal use case is needing to have a case expression return a date value so that it can used as the filter criteria of a subsequent task in Rule Setup

e.g. If Override Date != NULL, filter records by Override Date, else filter records by Original Date

My previous use case was use the date in column A as date but if blank then use the date from column B but if blank use the date from column C etc.

Case expressions are super handy and I automatically support any suggestion to expand their usefulness.

+1! Would love additional outputs for case expressions within Gainsight. The more functionality the better!!

Adding that allowing NULL output for a case expression would also be helpful

Adding that allowing NULL output for a case expression would also be helpful

Was about to add a community post requesting this until I found this comment.

My use case here is that I would like one of my case expressions to be set to “Custom” with the value output if the condition is met, to be null. Currently, if you try and leave the custom option blank you get a “This should not be blank” error message.

@anirbandutta This 

 was originally raised two years ago, this thread a year ago but we don’t really seem the better for it. Could we get some eyes on this? Thanks!

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+1 to adding null values as outputs. 

Seems silly to resource to a transform/union workaround each time I encounter this limitation.
Added my two cents in another thread that now I can’t find but just found this idea talking specifically about the case data type limitations

I think this idea should be merged here too: