Allow option for Bionic Rule Set Score rule post to Global Timeline

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Hi All,


Include a ‘Post to Global Timeline’ checkbox to allow the admin to have the option to show it or not when using comments from Set Score functionality.


We recently leveraged Bionic Rules to migrate older comments/data to various newly deployed Scorecard 2.0 measures. Though the migrated note shows on the Measure Timeline; the account global timeline does not entry/include the note with the bread crumbs shown when the author = System Admin.


Scorecard Name > Scorecard Measure

Author: System Admin    - Note


Now this makes sense. It makes sense that all of our hour/daily based rules do not post to timeline muddying up things.  But in the case of migration of data — I thought that it would be an interesting suggestion to toss up.


There may be more use cases where this is helpful; this was just one example we ran into in innovation mode.




Do you think that this is something that could be interesting to consider?

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Want to see if I am the only one that may want to grab data and post it to the Account Timeline via rules; which is very possible. But I am finding as we are transforming our utilization of Gainsight from our 2017 setup, I could and would use this option in specific our one-time rules I wrote.

I can see a definite utilitarian aspect to this but, as you mentioned earlier, this has the potential to definitely muddy-up a timeline pretty quickly.  We are presently undergoing an analysis of what tasks and events we want to sync to our Timeline from SFDC  and it is a constant battle between “white-noise” and valid data. 

I’m following this for sure :) 

Interesting use case, @davebrown2242 .


I share the viewpoint of @keith_mattes , where you want to defend the signal in the Timeline and not clutter it. However, I do typically believe in at least having the option to write to Timeline, especially where the note points to an inflection point of some sort in the Customer Success journey.

Thinking about this more, this would actually help level-set the UI as well as Admin capabilities by simply adding a Rule Action “Create Timeline Entry”  and specify Type and any other custom parameters.   @dan_ahrens , just an “easy” re-work of the “Create CTA” action right?  :)

@matthew_lind  & @keith_mattes 

It is interesting in my case where we need to disrupt the status quo that was for years in Gainsight.  Use of Summary Comments and Scorecard 1.0 comments were used heavily, and I wanted to ‘migrate’ the previous data to the new Overall or a particular Scorecard Measure timeline. That is when I noticed that we as admins do not have the ability to get it to show on the Timeline. That’s why I poked all of you on this one. 

Thanks for taking the time to chime in!