Customer SSO for all Gainsight customer facing properties

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Not sure where this idea belongs category wise, but, could we unify the logins for all the Gainsight properties that are customer facing:


And any of the others I have not probably set foot on yet?

I always get confused with what my login and password is (so does my password vault) because I tend to use a personal login to everything certification related (for posterity, right).

And based on my own experience with contact data quality, I think it would make things a lot easier in Gainsight itself for Gainsight so you wouldn’t have to figure out who is who and map people’s many email addresses back to one individual.

cc: @anirbandutta 

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Thanks for putting this into words for all of us really.

Adding @prasad_nibhanipudi, @pgeorge to this convo

Just had @alliheller tell me exactly the annoyance around all of this. Interesting that product switcher SSO was the priority and not this.