Gong Integration Feedback/Enhancements

Testing out the Gong integration today (along with Meeting Assist) and it’s cool, but

  1. Noticing that Meeting Assist and Gong’s AI Highlights produce very different results. Expected of course, but with CSMs using both systems, it can create a bit of confusion and/or redundancy as they now have to consult two tools and compare results.  Would be great if there was a way to integrate the two so we can see both sets results in one entry.
  2. Additionally, when Gong sends out the “Your call is ready” email to the CSM, it includes a few items that would be great to include in the Gainsight sync:
  • Associated Deals
  • Interaction Tips
  • Link to Generate a Follow-Up Email (through Gong)

    For that last item, I know we can share the Timeline Activity record with the attendees through the “Share Via Email” feature, however the URL that gets synced over to Gainsight is  the internal Gong URL which requires the recipient to login to Gong vs. the external facing URL that gets generated with the “Generate a Follow-Up Email” link in the Gong results.
  1. Gong only syncs over as one Timeline type. There are often times when Gainsight customers track different types of meetings using different types.  For example, we log Business Reviews as a separate Timeline type because we have different fields we need to have populated vs. other meeting types. Would be great if there was a way to logically map specific types Gong meetings to Gainsight Timeline types to save CSMs from having to go manually convert a Meeting to a different type. 
  2. There does not appear to be a way to specifically filter (or report on) Timeline entries that were logged through Gong.  That would seem to be a bit of a gap.
  3. Today, in the Gong Integration settings, I can only filter on Company ID and User ID. That is very limiting, requiring me to hard code in individual users for whom I want to have calls logged in Gainsight. Removing those filters results in ALL Gong calls getting logged to Gainsight, regardless of who created them. Would really help streamline and avoid clogging up Timeline if we could filter by a different role-identifying field on the User object.

Don’t know what, if any of that is possible, but happy to have a more in-depth conversation with PM about this.

I believe, but can’t confirm just now, that the Activity Timeline > Source field can help you identify Timeline entries resulting from Gong activities.

Ah good note  @matthew_lind!  I was looking at the External Source field, which was blank, but yes I see now GONG_IO is listed in Source field. Appreciate you!

Erp. One gap still….


While I can report on Source = GONG_IO, I can’t apparently filter on that in Timeline, which makes it more difficult for users to find them: