GPX support for regular expressions?

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Does GPX support regular expressions beyond a single * at the end of a URL?



Hey Chad, could you share an example?

Hi Harshita,

We want to trigger a dialog engagement for visits to:

But exclude:




We started with /meetings/* in the include list.

When we add these in the exclude list, they are successfully excluded:



But when this is in the exclude list, it is still triggering the engagement:


So I tried adding this to the exclude list, with no effect


And then tried using /meetings/[A-Z0-9]+/ in the include list instead of /meetings/* with no effect.

Before continuing to try other options, I thought I'd see what the community already knows about what is/not supported.


By the way, we can't use Product Mapper rules to set the Audience because some of these pages do not have unique CSS elements to map to a feature (don't ask me, I didn't build it). Which is why I'm playing around with the URLs.


Ran into a similar need today, but within the Product Feature Tree.

We have a main page that has the form:*/mainpage/[guid]

Sub-pages have the form:*/mainpage/[guid]/subpage/

The problem is I can't isolate tracking page views to the main page. If I use "...mainpage/" then it won't pick up any because of the GUID. If I use "...mainpage/*" then it will pick up all of the sub-pages.

Thoughts on how to solve for this?

@caudet I just tested out your Prod engagements and it trigger only while I was on 'recap' page and it did not trigger on /live or /schedule or /abc/edit.

To me it seems to be working, happy to jump on a call to address this, if needed

fyi: @dileepnalla @michael_sweeney

Hey @alb , for product mapper, this is an upcoming feature which is on the roadmap, eta in few weeks

cc: @mickey / @ciarapeter

Thanks for following up @harshibanka. The reason it appeared to be fixed is that we replaced the original dialog with a tooltip, and triggered the tooltip with a static UI element that appears on /meetings/ABC123 but not /meetings/ABC123/edit. So we didn't solve the problem with the dialog, but we did get around it for the moment.

And I didn't really expect my regex attempt to work. For [A-Z0-9]+ to work as expected, GPX would also need to interpret the forward slashes "/" in the URL, which would not work because I did not escape those characters. When I have a moment I'll try a correctly formatted URL with escaped chars and see what happens.

@caudet I'd love to follow up on a call with you to understand this better, I'll send few times, thanks

Follow up to my previous comments.

This is now working to capture the /meetings/ABC123/edit urls we need to exclude:


I swear this was not previously working, with two people trying it separately and a third looking over a shoulder. That said, Harshita confirmed it works, as did I this time around. We'll just call it user error x3 and move on. ;)


@caudet thanks for confirming and closing the loop on this thread.

Yes, we do support Java regex.

@harshibanka , you mentioned this "Hey @alb , for product mapper, this is an upcoming feature which is on the roadmap, eta in few weeks"

Is the feature something like using the URL in combination with CSS elements?

@caudet second those thanks for piping your learning back in here : )

@alb you may use wild card to address your use case. For eg:


Let me know how it goes

@mikewohlwend : Yes, that's the correct understanding.

@harshibanka Keeping this thread going for a bit longer...

I'm trying to use slightly more complex Java regex in a URL Rule in the product mapper, but I keep getting a "Failed to update event" error message.

As before, I'm trying to capture this URL:

and not:

I've tried these regex options (with and without escaping), but get the same failed error:[A-Z0-9]+[A-Z0-9]{20}

Do you think these should be supported in a URL rule?


@caudet appreciate keeping the htread going :p

Did you try using wild card for that?

Currently, we do not support such advanced use cases with regex.

@harshibanka The wildcard works to exclude a URL in an engagement audience. Is there a way to exclude a URL in a product mapper URL rule?

You previously mentioned having support for java regex - do you have a summary of what is supported and where in the PX product this or that regex will work?


Hi folks, have to say I'm still a little confused here. Does PX support Regex or not? If so, to what level? And where in the product is it usable?


Hi @caudet , @alb , @mikewohlwend please see this month’s Release Notes: > Product Mapper Enhancements, the Regex Support from your ask is supported from the UI now

Great move---icons can help a user know why they might want to click the thing. Makes those hotspot starting points much more useful :clap: