Inflated clicks count due to bot clicks

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Hi Team,

Currently we are observing Inflated clicks count due to bot clicks and this is unpredictable as well.

eg: In same program for two emails steps with same content the bot click count is differing with a large number.

Logging this community post so that engineering team can check and implement the possible solution for this case.

@dayn.johnson ☝️ I seem to remember a few discussions around how best to mitigate recipient-side email security (“bot clicks”) from distorting JO analytics, but I don’t know if there was ever an idea put forward for it?

@Stuart -- hero, thank you for tagging me here!

Don’t know of any other ideas, we’ve got a workaround we built (bot exclusion checkbox) in our Domo reporting dashboard, but it’d be nice to be able to trust the JO analytics in our reports and dashboards! 😎

As a follow-up (this comment seemed worth its own spot rather than an edit):

Another issue with these inflated bot clicks is that I would imagine these false positives lead to evaluate steps checking for “link clicked” to being incorrectly applied when they’re used in journey logic, which could result in negative consequences. 🤔

Not sure how this would be tested easily, but definitely worth consideration.