Make a Pop-up from Zoom that asks to close the Timeline Entry before exiting Zoom.

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When a user is using Zoom and the Gainsight Integration for timeline and taking meeting notes, if the user does not remember to SAVE the entries BEFORE exiting zoom, they will LOOSE all of the notes they have taken. 


Please add a reminder prompt to save the Timeline Entry before allowing Zoom to close.

Our users would love this too!

That is a good catch and I could for sure see that frustrating people and hindering adoption when work just gets deleted without a save. 

Maybe there could even be an auto-save so if Zoom crashes or whatever, there’s at least a draft stored with the last X minutes of data in it?

@bradley and I had a similar thought.

Auto-saving entries created within the Zoom app would bring the feature closer in alignment to the native Timeline functionality, which auto-saves frequently and without any user interaction. Having Zoom-originated Timeline notes end up in Drafts would be great, permitting users to close the Zoom meeting (often they are rushing to their next Zoom meeting) and having all notes be awaiting them in Drafts for later polishing and saving.

We just launched for our org and the FIRST question we got from a user was about how they were using the Zoom integration, the meeting ended, they went to their Draft, and it only had SOME of the many notes the user took on the call.

As the Zoom integration is new to me, but I am an experienced admin, I assumed it worked the same as the native Timeline functionality where auto-save occurs almost immediately after any change is made. I’m glad I came to community to find this thread and learn that my assumption is incorrect.

What a bummer -- we can certainly enable folks on an improved workflow to keep their notes saved, but this enhancement is greatly needed.