Mass Update CSM Field for Managers

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At our company, we have 200+ CSMs and many global language customer needs. We are using NXT with DCRM, and our CSM account assignments are happening within GS. Because of the different team & customer needs, it hasn’t been possible to create a standard mechanism for completing automated account assignments. And, when CSM changes are needed today (i.e. someone leaves, gets promoted, moves roles, goes on PTO, etc) it’s currently time intensive for both the managers and GS admins to complete the re-assignments. This need would also extend to CSM assignments on new accounts too.

We’ve been wanting to set up a self-serve account assignment solution that would allow the managers to quickly make these changes on their own--both in updating the account assignments and any associated GS records (CTAs, Success Plans, etc)--without needing the involvement of a GS admin to build a rule or solution.

If it were possible to expand the Mass Edit feature to include objects like the CSM field, and make this a user permission we can grant, it would help us build a solution like this.


Today’s experience looks like:

  1. CSM Manager exports list of impacted accounts and documents the required changes after assessing bandwidth, CSM capabilities and skills, for the new assignments, etc
  2. CSM Manager sends file to GS admin
  3. CSM Manager waits for GS admin to complete work
  4. GS admin builds rule(s) to make required changes
  5. GS admin uses Mass Edit (or another rule action) to mass update CTA/task/SP ownership

As opposed to a solution like:

  1. CSM Manager decides on required changes
  2. Manager uses Mass Edit feature, adds filters to get required data set, and submits “Reassign accounts” action
  3. Manager uses Mass Edit feature to decide which CTAs should be reassigned 

This is especially important when these requests are time sensitive and limited by the admins time and bandwidth to complete.


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