Need a reset button on c360 page to get back the predefined order for C360 report section

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Hello Team,

we have this functionality where the order of the admin page gets overridden once you make changes to the order on the c360 page. This means that all users need to rearrange the order manually.

So, we need a reset button on c360 page to get back the predefined order defined at the admin level.

Most of customer requested this feature to be enabled.

No StatusAcknowledged

Thank you for sharing your valuable input! We recognize the importance of allowing end users to view report groups in the admin-configured order in subsequent iterations. Your suggestion has been acknowledged as an enhancement request.


While I cannot provide a specific release date at this time, rest assured it is under consideration for future updates.

Hi Prateek,

This option will be very helpful to reset the order according to the admin settings. 

100% agreed! We’ve run into this issue a handful of times, and it would be convenient to have a reset button instead of manually re-arranging the entire section.