Resize the KC bot close button

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Users complain the X close button in the KC bot is too small and they are having a hard time closing it. Please allow me the ability to set a size for the close button. Alos, allow me to set its color as well.

There are several sizes of “X” that you can choose from

@mmarques where do I select the size of X for a KC bot?

@amadeo - Go to CSS and change the background size of the .px-close button.

I have the following for mine: 
.px-close-button {
  background-size:40px 40px;

Not sure if you can change the color.

@amadeo - Here is where you can select the “X” in a KC bot. I think that they are different sizes.



@ejung - Where do you set the CSS for a KC bot? I would love to be able to control branding by CSS! Instead, I have detailed instructions for the team on how to select all the right colors and other settings. 

@amadeo @mmarques - I was wrong. There is no CSS for the KC bot. 

Looks like some of the KC bot editing settings (including the different X styles) are not available if you embed the KC bot.


When not embedded, the X replaces the badge icon. If you are embedding, can you add your own control that closes the bot? 

@mmarques thank you for the suggestions, although they won’t work for us. We use an embedded KC bot, which also has a tiny X to close in the top right corner of the KC bot.

@amadeo - I didn’t realize that embedded has an X in the upper right. I actual have an idea in Community to add an X in the upper right. That X is not yet part of non-embedded, and everyone is initially confused by having to look below.

Hi @amadeo we are looking into this and we are working on some enhancements to the Bot from a customisation point of view. For the “X” icon we are trying to bring in parity in both Embedded and Floater bot where in former there are no customisation options and in the latter the “X” icon is not available on the top-right of the Bot. So we have this on pipeline to bridge the parity.