Rules being able to filter and be written with last run

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It would be great is the rules engine supported the function of allowing filtering on information for “since last run” when running the rules engine.


Use case:

(Note: we do currently have workarounds, but this would be a more streamlined and efficient practice)


I want to run all data that has been updated on this object in Salesforce since the last time the rule has run.


There are a few key advantages to this over using timing:

  1. You could exclude certain time periods without needing to create an update to the rule. For example, you could run on weekdays only, and the information that was changed since last run would still pick up.
  2. Sometimes we have rule failures, usually do to timeouts during updates.  This would allow us to be able to pick up where we left off.


Sometimes rules are very time intensive and this would make the run process more effective and efficient.

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