"Under Construction" notification for Dashboards

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My team is often asked to make adjustments and enhancements to our dashboards on the fly.

Because many in our organization like to review the dashboards, if something is not behaving to their expectations, they ping our team and we have to stop to answer. 

The interim solution for this is to use the Rich Text Widget and place a banner at the top, but it’s not terribly elegant.

It would be great if there was some sort of tick box or banner enablement button in the Dashboard Builder that we are able to switch on and alert our team(s) that we are working on improvements. 

100 times YES!!! 
This would be very useful. The same way we can create custom status for CTAs for example, it would be great to have this capability to show if a CTA is under maintenance, a WIP, etc.

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*to show if a DASHBOARD is…
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+1 - this would be a nice QoL improvement on our end and minimize questions from end users. 

If possible, I’d even like to see this sort of functionality added to C360 as well. While we don’t make updates as often there, there are instances where we’re working on changes to attributes/reports while CSMs are also working. 

This is an excellent idea - we don’t make as many updates to dashboards as we do to the C360, but having this as an option across the system would be amazing. I can’t even count how many times end users have pinged me to let me know that something was outdated or looked funny, while I was in the middle of updating it! 

Agreed with @kstim! We have our #ops JIRA and Slack channels for requests and questions, but most people tend not to check previous history if they see something unexpected, and just ask questions. And individual DMs when they know who the go-to ops person is can be even more of a hindrance.

It’d be great to be able to have options in a notification like this for different settings/information such as:

  • Issue
  • Impacted area(s)
  • Status
  • Expected resolution time

This would be an amazing addition - not just on dashboards, but also maybe C360 and Home.