Use New System Templates in Any Folder

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First - I appreciate the work the GS product team has done in adding enhancements to JO and email templates, particularly the new pre-built template options.

With that being said, as of now, there isn’t a way for us to start a new template draft using one of the system templates from any folder. Instead, the current process is Navigate to System Folder → Find the Template we want → Clone.

Not only does this add unnecessary additional clicks, but the cloned template is added to the Uncategorized bucket and causes additional steps to ensure proper organization. Adding an option to the ‘Create a New Template’ window, or mimicking the new look of HRE templates, would help us begin using these in a quicker fashion.

Option 1: Add a “System Template” drop-down to let us select one.
Option 2: Separate “System Templates” as an option when clicking ‘New Templates’


Thank you for posting this, @mobrien14! Seconded!

It would also be awesome if we were able to easily move or convert select templates to system templates without having to resort to copying the code and overwriting a default template, or rebuilding our templates from scratch.

For those of us with established email templates, it would allow us to clean up a lot of old templates we save for the express purpose of cloning and editing (with lorem ipsum text).

Having lorem ipsum templates for newsletters, support emails, etc. is especially necessary right now given the lack of any sort of custom email element library. It would be fantastic if we were able to templatize content blocks (ex: headers, footers, signatures, event information, product release updates, etc.) so we could easily build out emails without having to re-do significant amounts of formatting.

See the below screenshot for a new template I’ve been building out for a monthly newsletter. It’d greatly simplify my process if I was able to just drag and drop those different types of blocks into an email from a content library, rather than having to clone an old newsletter and update the information. It’d also reduce the likelihood of accidentally sending old information if it didn’t get updated. 

Screenshot of different content blocks that would go in a custom content library.