Admin Office Hours - 1/11/18

  • 9 January 2018
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This thread is for the Admin Office Hours session for Thursday January 11th, 

2018.  Submit your questions to this thread and we'll address them during our session at 11am PST / 12pm MST / 1pm CST / 2pm EST.

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9 replies

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Hi Evan,

I would like to get some guidance on how to concatenate data from multiple lines to populate a single field to load to SFDC.  For example, the user below has three lines of data, one for each type of training they completed.  I would like to be able to turn that into one line of data for this user that has a field that lists the trainings they completed.  

Turning this:

Into this:

See you tomorrow!
How to map GS customer survey feedback to custom case fields, so case owner can see the customer response within the case itself.

I was provided the steps below to achieve the above. I would like someone to help me walk through these steps pl.

  • Create the object and field association on the survey (so that when the survey is triggered, the specific case number is attached to that response)
  • Add field(s) to the case object to hold the survey response information 
  • Write a bionic rule to look for recently completed surveys and copy the response field(s) to the case object custom fields you created in the previous step

Hi Evan,

I would like your help to report timeline activities based in CTAs filter.

Nowadays the object Activity Timeline is not connected with Call to Action (SFDC) and the unique ID of connection with CTAs is the context ID. Then it mades me have some doubts:


  • SUM Duration of Timeline activities from a specific CTA Reason
  • Show our CSMs which CTA has duration registered in timeline or not.
My main doubt is how connect CTA with Timeline Activity to do some reports.

My idea was do it by dataspace but because Activity timeline is a MDA object I can't

I hope you can help. Thanks!

See you
Hi Evan,

I am getting the following error on trying to register for the event.


I'm getting the same....
I am looking into the issue currently and trying to find the issue. Thanks to the error message that should help me locate the issue!

In the meantime use the following link to join the session when it begins, I will make a post once the session starts to remind everyone of its start time as I know it won't add to your calendars.
I think the issue may be resolved.
Unfortunately, now it shows the time slot is not available today.
Starting off the session now!