How are you raising visibility of Survey Results within PX?

  • 14 November 2023
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We’re looking at some of the survey capabilities for PX, but I’m at a loss as to how I can put the results in front of Product Managers.   Ideally, I wouldn’t want to force them to manually come check the Survey Results page in Analytics on a Weekly/Monthly basis.   However, I can’t seem to find a good way to get the survey results emailed to them on a regular basis.  Additionally, while i see a Dashboard widget that shows the “guage”, it doesn’t appear like you can put the open feedback text in some type of list on a dashboard.

Appreciate any guidance any of you might have on how your helping your product folks get visibility into the Survey Results.  


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I’m not sure if you’re also using Gainsight CS, but if so, you can push the survey data into CS, where you can readily showcase the information on Dashboards and incorporate the data into JO driven email notification. Our team uses both PX and CS and found this approach provides us with the most flexibility. This enabled us to work around some of the limitations we encountered in PX and preserve our PX licenses, as much of our audience base is already licensed for CS. 

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@rterakedis  You can enable slack integration to make sure all the survey responses are being shared while they are getting recorded into a specific slack channel.

If not using gauge widget, you can also use a query builder report which would help you dive into scores received, added a demo report below

In regards to comments received, you can get the comments also in slack channel, and would also be a interesting feature request to do in PX. 

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@Surendra - thanks for the response.  I had looked at Query builder as a starting point, but i really want to make sure we can close the loop on any feedback our customers provide in the open textbox.  It sounds like Molly’s suggestion of using CS may be the path forward.


Slack integration sounds great, but our organization is Teams-only.   I added a comment to an existing product request about webhooks.   Microsoft Teams supports inbound webhooks to post activity cards to a Teams channel, but the formatting of the inbound call requires specific formatting.   As such, the generic outbound PX webhook won’t work to pass data to Teams since I can’t transform the output to comply with the inbound Teams formatting.