How Gainsight Uses CS + PX to Understand Our Customers

  • 8 June 2020
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It’s no secret that Gainsight “drinks our own champagne,” including using PX to track our clients’ usage of our Customer Success (CS) platform. In these last few months, we’ve seen usage rise for all customers across the board:

  • Weekly Active Users have grown by 21%; CSMs not traveling means they spend more time on Gainsight
  • The use of Gainsight CS has gone up >70% in these past 3 months
  • Average Days Active by users in our product increased >8%

For more insights about how we use PX to understand our CS customers, click here

1 reply

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It would be great to allow Gainsight CS + PX customers to do the same in their own instances! We have both products and would like to benefit from the features of PX installed within our own CS instance - things like In Product Communications, Usage Tracking (ability to customize measurements and reporting beyond the Gainsight360 capabilities), and In Product User Guides as we roll out new processes or solutions. Today, we have to use another competing product to do this within Gainsight