Tip of the Week: Closed Loop Feedback

  • 11 June 2019
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As Product teams, it's crucial to know how your end-users feel about your product and to have a good understanding of the voices of your customers. When you release new features, how would you know if users find value in them? How do you figure out what areas of the product to develop? Where are your customers' pain points?

One of the principles of product-led growth is enabling closed loop feedback. We can always guess what would be better for our customers, and sometimes our guess is on-point. However, what better way than to collect feedback from those who are actually using the product on a day-to-day basis?

In PX, enabling closed loop feedback allows you to:

  • Capture user feedback to connect directly with end users rather than extracting feedback from multiple layers

  • Stay close to users and close the loop instantly using tools, like Slack

  • Capture the desired outcome (survey) as part of the onboarding experience

  • Launch targeted NPS driven by usage

  • Gain user ratings on feature releases

After each general release, a best practice is to launch a Survey type engagement shortly after while giving users enough time to "play around" with the new functionalities.

  • Multi-Question Surveys are great for collecting deeper level feedback

  • Customer Effort Score (CES) surveys are useful for quickly gaining a pulse on how easy to use a feature for the end-user

  • Boolean surveys allow for gathering quick pulses with Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down

  • Rating surveys allow users to rate from 1 - 5

  • NPS surveys give you an idea on how likely customers are to refer you to other people

All in all, enabling closed loop feedback empowers your teams to scale and service your customers optimally.

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