Ideation trends table in Product Feedback Dashboard now with new insights

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The product feedback dashboard give you an overview on how well you’re delivering on the ideas and now you can also track which customers submitted and voted for the ideas you work on. 

Filtering for users at a customer (company) level is only possible if you have the Salesforce Integration to link community members to their organization. So if you don't have the SFDC integration enabled, we can't display the list of companies. If you want to allow SFDC integration, don't hesitate to contact us.


At the bottom of the dashboard you can find ideation trends table, with a ranked list of ideas on the number of votes, replies and views gathered. You can also see which customer submitted the idea in the Created by column. When any company is selected in the Company filter at the top of the Dashboard ideation trends table give you additional insights: votes, replies and view for each idea shows you 3 KPIs:

  • votes/replies/views assigned to the selected company,
  • total votes/replies/views
  • the % of the company votes/replies/views in total votes/replies/views

Keep in mind that data in the table shows votes/ replies and views done in the selected time range. To see all votes/ replies and views related to the idea, select the time range from idea creation date till now. 



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