July 2023 Heads Up Email Communication Correction

We wanted to address an issue that occurred in our recent Release Heads-up communication (Subject: Coming Soon from Gainsight: Multi-product July Release!) that you may have received on July 11th. Unfortunately, the High Level Product Release Summary links included in the email were broken, rendering them inaccessible upon clicking. 

To ensure that you receive the intended information and can access the resources seamlessly, we are providing the correct links below:

We apologize for any inconvenience or disruption this may have caused. Thank you for your continued support! 

Hi Sonia,

Is it possible to get the CS: High Level Product Release Summary link that doesn’t lead to a Google Drive.  Due to security settings, I cannot access Google Drive.  



Hi Rhonda, 

I ended up downloading the CS/NXT release doc to see if that will allow you to access the content. 

Thanks so much @dan_wiegert .  I was able to open the PDF.  I appreciate it!


Hey @andreammelde we’ll go over some of this content but wanted to tag you so you could review 

Hi @dan_wiegert


Can I please get this document as a PDF as well?

I like to show my team what is coming so they aren’t surprised.