Roadmap update 25

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Roadmap update 25

Hi everyone!

As a beautiful (but quite hot) summer comes to a close, I am excited to share this Roadmap Update with you as we head into fall!

As we’ve mentioned before, we remain committed to building great tools that enable you to maintain the best-in-class Customer Hub and community experience for your users. We remain focused on our product development goals:

  • Enabling you to transform your community into a unified Customer Hub, to act as single centralized destination for all customer content and engagement

  • Allowing you to optimize the Customer Hub experience through customization of pages and landing pages and personalisation of the user experience by role, or e.g. customer segments that you have defined in your Customer Success CRM

  • Building tools to stimulate engagement by users within your community

  • Introducing features to help you automate community-work, improving user management, moderation and reporting to simplify community administration (and spend less time!)

  • Continuing to improve of the core of our platform and our technology-stack to provide even better reliability, scalability and faster development of new features in the future

Continue reading for a more detailed look at all features and improvements that are coming up and for a recap of the recent releases.


Coming up




Dynamic content widget

Coming soon: the dynamic content widget! This will help you dynamically display content as cards or a list on your community pages, and keep your pages more up-to-date (and active) with less manual action. For instance, you can choose to display the 5 most recent Product Updates in a list, alongside a list with the 5 most recent Ideas. You can read more about it in this research article.


Custom pages

This fall, we’ll enable you to build custom pages on your Customer Hub! For instance, this will allow you to create dedicated landing pages for specific personas, products, or events. These pages can be built using all of the available widgets you’ve come to know, including the new Dynamic Content widget. You can read all about it in this research article.


Custom dropdown menus

You will be able to customize your community’s main menu-bar by adding additional items to a dropdown menu. This will enable you to:

  • Add custom pages anywhere in your navigation, making sure they fit the flow you want your community to have

  • Organize links to external resources from anywhere in your navigation, they don’t have to be on the community platform in order to be linked. Use with caution, as we still want to keep it a seamless digital experience :)




Add more filter operators

To better find groups of interest among your user base, we have recently released our new filters. The new filters allow you to filter on custom user profile fields. We’re also updating how the filters work by adding filter operators to the current filters (eg. contains, does not contain, is empty, etc.). This will allow you, for instance, to identify all users where the email address “does not contain” to filter out employees, or where groups “is empty” to identify users that aren’t part of a group yet.


Create and save user segments

We will enable you to save segments of users that match certain filter criteria. This will help track your most important user segments (i.e. churned, new users, champions, etc.), as well as keep an eye on groups of interest (eg. users without a badge, users without a group, users with job title x, etc.).

Segments will be able to be used as audiences for several existing and future mechanisms: email campaigns, showing or hiding widgets on pages for particular segments, etc.


Apply bulk-actions to users

Applying actions to users currently has to be done one by one, and it’s a hassle—we hear you! To make this more efficient, we’ll now offer some basic bulk-actions on the User overview.

If you’ve selected one or more users, you’ll be able to perform a bulk-action. Initially, the available bulk-action(s) will be to assign a role, after which we’ll allow awarding a badge and sending a private message.


Engagement tools


Automated email campaigns

Automated email campaigns offer the ability to automatically onboard, (re)engage or reach out to particular groups of interest (eg. promote an event for all users or specific users). It will be possible to set up sending rules based on the last activity, registration date, role, and group membership.

Later, we’ll add the option to automatically address people once they enter a specific segment.

If you want to be enrolled in the closed beta for this feature, make sure you sign up for the waitlist in this Product Update.


Use segments in email campaigns

Later this year, segments created from the user overview will be selectable as an audience for (automated) email campaigns. This will allow for more specific targeting based on all filters (also custom user profile fields) as well as being able to automate actions based on your segments. It will also enable you to create specific onboarding or reactivation flows for different personas in your community.


Ideation improvements


Disable voting for ideation statuses

We will allow community managers to enable or disable voting by ideation status. It will be possible to disable voting for “Closed” or “Duplicate” statuses. The aim is to prevent frustration of users voting for ideas that are not under consideration.


Select multiple product areas in an ‘Idea creation form’

Users will be able to select multiple product areas when creating an idea. It will make the categorization of ideas more precise and improve searchability. 




Integrations with Gainsight applications

We remain committed to offering the best and the most flexible integration between inSided and all other Gainsight products. Planned improvements are currently:

  • Making integrations very easy and user friendly to set up, nor more hacking or development involvement

  • Enriching shared data points to unleash best-in-class customer reporting, including all the community data available in Gainsight applications, or the other way around

  • Enabling to expose community content directly in your app

… and many other awesome features.


Improved Thought Industries content filtering

We recently launched integration of our product with the Thought Industries application. Soon, you will be able to filter the content being pulled into the community. It will be possible to write queries filtering the search results:

  • Filter “Published” content by default

  • Use custom fields to filter content




Success dashboard improvements

We will introduce more detailed metrics about the authors of the best answers and insight from peer to peer support. The improvements cover:

  • Focus the scope of the dashboard only on Q&A and change the name

  • Split all the metrics to enable filtering them based on the user role of the author of the question as well as the author of the answer

  • Move single user topic metrics to Content Dashboard 

  • Average response time only for Q&A


Content dashboard changes

We will add metrics from the current Success Dashboard: 

  • Single user topic metrics from Success Dashboard to Content Dashboard and enable filtering by all content related filters

  • Average response time related to all content types and enable filtering by all content related filters


Product feedback table Improvements

We will provide more detailed view of the ideas submitted and voted in community:

  • Customizable table view

  • Company filer applied to votes, likes, and views

  • Company filter applied to the author of the idea

  • Date creation, current status, and more


Released recently



What do you think?


We are really interested in your feedback. Let us know in the comments!


Please expect the next Roadmap Update in November.

This is really an incredible roadmap! You’re addressing some of my most desired features and also surprised me with a few exciting features I hadn’t considered. Not only are you headed in the right direction, it seems you’re making incredible progress. I’m looking forward to when these features are all live. 

Also: one final appeal to shift to median response time 😎 (average is super noisy and easily skewed). 

This is really an incredible roadmap! You’re addressing some of my most desired features and also surprised me with a few exciting features I hadn’t considered. Not only are you headed in the right direction, it seems you’re making incredible progress. I’m looking forward to when these features are all live. 

Thank you for your nice words and appreciation! We stay committed for constant improvements!

Really excited about some of these 😃

@elliott.vickrey @erin.brisson wow check out this roadmap! 😍

New filter operators and email campaigns 😍

Some elements here that are good to see and I’m actively involved in a number of the betas. It’s also good to see some roadmap movement finally as well — abet slower than we’d like.

Some feedback:

Overall we really need to see more of this coming together cohesively and in a way that is usable in our community. Right now it’s a bunch of pieces, many of them half/partially done, and none of them really helping us save time or better engage with our community.

Filters, segments, and eventually bulk actions will be good, but are still highly manual. There is no automation here with a rules-based engine (think or Common Room’s workflows). And a continued over-reliance on email as a main means for engaging feels somewhat dated and keeps folks elsewhere vs. bringing them back to the community.

New widget are good, but the current ones are super limited. Any plans to address the continued gaps of not being able to use widgets on pages such as Groups and Events? What about more layout options?

@Scott Baldwin, thank you for your comment! We really appreciate you challenging us and your involvement in our beta testing. Your feedback helps in making our product better!

The roadmap is a result of discovery sessions with our customers and a prioritisation process, designed to maximise customer value. Still, we always need to make some trade-offs but good to hear that we are going in a good direction. 

Nonetheless, while we release new features, we’re also gearing up to make customization more consistent and versatile this fall, as well as laying the groundwork for automating more and more of our customers’ day-to-day work.

I will be happy to talk directly on details of your feedback!

This is an amazing update. Thank you for prioritizing some of the limitations and frustrations in Control. The backend of a platform is just as important as the frontend of it, and so many of these features are so needed. Can’t wait!

Thanks @Pawel happy to chat anytime.

It’s SO nice to see these improvements coming. These were some huge pain points for us. Custom pages and custom dropdown make inSided so much more powerful, when combined with everything else y’all are doing well.

Plus analytics, user segments, email campaigns, dynamic widgets. Can’t wait!

@revote I think this is interesting for you ^^ Speak soon!

@revote I think this is interesting for you ^^ Speak soon!

Wow, bunch of nice updates I have to say. We can and will use several of them.

Good to see how much and how big updates you are publishing. Thanks for pinging me, I havent noticed this update yet.

For the upcoming release, I would love to be able to change the colors of the bar graphs in users and content to our company colors.