Advocacy: Building a program to identify Advocates and References within your Customer base!

  • 24 October 2023
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Happy to share that I’m going to be sharing how we at SAP Signavio built a program to identify Advocates and References within our customer base!  Discover how a structured reference program can build credibility and trust among potential and current clients by strategically collecting, organizing, and utilizing customer references.

On the session I’ll share

  • our main pain points
  • how we started with a program
  • how we incentivise both Customers and CSMs
  • how we use Gainsight for management and collaboration

Excited to see all of you at #Pulse2023


3 replies

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Whoop whoop @mbond !

Thanks for giving us this teaser - excited! 😍

@mbond It was a really insightful session. How do you prevent reference fatigue for key customers that might have the best stories?

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Thanks for the feedback @Ujwala_y ! 

As you remember, we have different types of activities where our advocates can participate.

If we’re talking about reference calls, round tables, visits - we usually do the rotation within our advocates base.

But also we’re pushing a lot to create the official reference stories/videos so if the customer is not ready to share their success again - we’re still ready to provide references for our prospects.


Additionally need to mention that they’re pretty enthusiastic to be one of the active advocates as we incentivise them with the point they can redeem on our services