Aha! Your learning journal for Pulse 2022

  • 17 August 2022
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There is so much to learn & share at Pulse! 🙌

Please use this space to share your favorite insights and reactions you have taken away from any of the sessions.

You never know who it helps :) 

P.S. You could tag the speaker or the track leader & give them a chance to directly know what you learned from their session!

4 replies

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Insight: “If you can get into the opportunity, that unlocks a tremendous amount! The more precise we are in our data, the faster we get to the outcome,” says our very own SVP, CX + Customer @tyler_mcnally during the Pulse#2022 session Talk is Cheap: “How to Walk the Walk With Customer Outcomes”

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Puppies are awesome… whether you’re in person or catching one playing from thousands of miles away. Somebody play with this guy for me, please!!! :-)

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@seth you might want to take up @SeanDonnelly’s request on this. I mean, puppies! 😫💛🙌🏼
Many of us rooting on the same lines too! 

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Insight: “Not to simplify complexity, but manage it well.” Learning lots at Pulse session:The Neuroscience of Memorable Content