Must-Have Skills for an Impactful CSM Team: Verified Outcomes & Success Plans

  • 24 April 2023
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Hello! So excited to be attending my first live Pulse event AND making my speaker debut 🤓. This session is close to my CSM heart. It is essential that CSMs are able to showcase value to our customers throughout the customer journey that was promised during the sales cycle. 

In this session, I will be discussing the importance of identifying customer objectives/metrics to measure value and ultimately showcase ROI. 

  • What is a value realization program?
  • CSM wins/highlights adopting value framework program
  • How do we guide customers from the Outcome Hypothesis to a Verified Outcome? 

After this session, you will learn how to develop an Outcomes Hypothesis, drive and assess progress, and verify your customer’s desired outcomes. Can’t wait to see you there! 

4 replies

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More power to customer success….really looking forward..

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Hello @jnakano, This was an excellent presentation that highlighted the point that we must be in line with a customer's intended business results. Interested in learning more about the specifics of how verified outcomes are actually "verified"?

Could you please provide more information?

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Hi @Jagari Das! Thank you for taking the time to view the presentation! I’m glad to hear that it resonated with you 🙂. When it comes to how those outcomes are verified, we take a look at the progress shown on the metrics that we have aligned on and achieved with the customer. See example below: 

  • Aligned on “Increase Self Service Engagement” desired outcome 
  • Aligned on “Self Service Score” as the guiding metric for this desired outcome. The current score is 1.3 and our target score for the next quarter is 3.5. 
  • Once we have shown progress on those metrics and achieved that outcome, we have what is called a “verified outcome” (which can showcase quantitative improvement). 

Hope this helps!

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Hey @jnakano !

Super Insightful session! This should be a part of CSM 101! I would like to know your thoughts on one topic here as it’d help our CSMs on this Community.

I feel like every CSM would have at least one customer who’s reluctant to put effort into defining their Goals / Outcomes, How do you approach such conversations & what has worked out well for you?