Pulse 2022 - Meet the Social Rockstars

  • 18 August 2022
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🌟Presenting the Social Rockstars🌟

🥁 Drumroll please 🥁


Thank you for the amazing participation everyone! 

Phew! It was a tough one with so many amazing insights and moments shared.💡

All our social sharing spaces were buzzing with notifications! 🐝


Here are the folks that created the highest #Pulse2022 social storm🌪️:

  1. @Naquiyah capturing her #Pulse2022 moments in a video
  2. @matthew_lind giving us a glimpse into the Matthew Lind Hall of Fame
  3. @ewilliams510’s detailed highlights from #Pulse2022

...and other folks who have taken it beyond and kept the community engaged 🔥:

  1. @LizLee2022 ‘s valuable post on value milestones
  2. @sgage ‘s detailed session takeaways
  3. @SeanDonnelly sharing crisp pointers from the Digital Journey session


The Pulse app was on fire too and @edleguizamo was the gamification rockstar on there!


Congratulations to all our Social Rockstars! ⭐


- - - - - - - -


🚨Psst, We’d still love to see your Pulse Party Pics here & continue to learn more from your session takeaways too! 



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