Pulse Makes History

  • 20 April 2023
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I joined Gainsight in mid 2014 and my first Pulse was in May 2015 -- so not quite ten years for me but getting close!  


The 2015 event was in one of the coolest -- and, as it turns out, coldest -- Pulse venues of all time.  We took over some warehouses on a pier in San Francisco….

...and converted them into a baseball-themed celebration of all things Customer Success.


The most memorable thing for many attendees was the Taylor Swift impersonator -- who some people thought was not an impersonator at all!

Our customers delivered in the obligatory music parody

For me the most memorable thing was the opportunity to introduce the world to the first step in the journey of Digital Customer Success,


When I first joined the company I spent a lot of time talking to CS leaders and came to understand a huge gap -- they had no way to reach their customers at scale.  We build the world’f first automated engagement tool for Customer Success.  We called it Gainsight CoPilot and we unveiled it at Pulse 2015. 

We have come a long way with Digital CS overall and and with CoPilot -- which evolved into Journey Orchestrator -- in particular. But it all started at Pulse!

Don’t miss Pulse this year.  If you do, years from now you won’t be able to say “I was there when the next phase of Customer Success was unveiled.”


Here is a video I recorded to encourage you  😁

See you there!



2 replies

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I had no idea that the Taylor Swift fascination started so early!

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@karl_rumelhart so awesome to hear your experience on the All About Pulse Community.

I’m like really… we got Taylor Swift to keynote after all!!

I mean even if you tell me that isn’t .. it’s impossible to not believe! 😲

….and I know when @revathimenon sees this… she will feel a 100deg better 💃🏻