Pulse speaker for PX -- using Gainsight and Split.io for phased feature rollouts

  • 29 March 2023
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I’m so excited to attend my very first Pulse conference, and I’m especially looking forward to networking with other PX customers!

In my session, I’m going to share how my team used Gainsight PX and another product (Split.io) to gradually release our re-designed home page and iterate quickly on user feedback. 

This is the first time in our software’s +25 year history that we’ve had a true beta test program.  The Gainsight/Split combo was fantastic for creating feature flags to deploy new code to subsets of our user base, to communicate with our early adopters, and to quickly gather immediate feedback.

We are already refining this process with the next big feature rollout this spring.  Can’t wait to share this use case with you all, and see what suggestions you have for us at Trimble!

4 replies

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@bostonjillian For you to check out!

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Wow! This is an exciting combo story we’re about to learn from!🔥

Thank you for sharing @susan_parker 🙌🏽

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@susan_parker This is top of mind for many product teams at various growth stages. A solid Beta process can make such a significant impact to users experience and retention! 


Thrilled to have you share at Pulse! 

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@susan_parker Can’t wait to hear you speak on this! Always fascinating to hear how our customers have actioned on insights taken from PX~