Small Group Admin Roundtables at Pulse 2024 - Registration is FULL!

  • 4 April 2024
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For Gainsight Administrators attending Pulse 2024 in St. Louis, we're recreating this massively successful event that we’ve hosted the last 2 years! 

You’ll come away with customized, tactical coaching from an expert admin. Plus, you'll meet fellow admins who you can feel comfortable connecting with in the future. Six experienced admins -- hand-picked members of our current CS Ops Product Council + Alumni -- will each host a roundtable.

Each roundtable is limited to five participants so that the conversation can be intimate and in-depth. Registration is required to secure your seat.

You can attend just one roundtable. Several will happen during the same lunch block, plus we want to maximize the number of admins who have access to this opportunity.

Check out some quotes from participants’ feedback last year!

  • “It was fabulous to be connected to such a smart group. Gunjan did a great job connecting all of our challenges. She gathered info ahead, had us share in person, and kept referring back to on our different approaches. Don’t change a thing- that was great!”
  • “Being able to collaborate with other admins working through the same successes and failures as us was incredibly helpful!”
  • “Overall loved the concept and the conversation. I am optimistic I will be joining next year!”
  • “I really enjoyed the roundtable and would love to do it again next year. Darshana is an amazing Admin and figure to know in the Admin community.”


Topic Admin Host

Mastering Connections:

Best Practices for Contact Management

Andy Buchanan, 
Palo Alto Networks



Maximizing Team Success:

Building Effective Development Processes

Gunjan Marwah Nichani, 


Best Practices for Crafting Powerful & Innovative Workflows with a Value-based Framework
Matthew Lind,


Creative Methods to Solve Administration Challenges in Gainsight
Travis Floyd, 


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Creating Customer Scorecards
Travis Morgan, 


Teamwork Triumphs:

Unlocking Success through Customer-Centric Collaboration

Victoria Barry, 
BMC Software



3 replies

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Love this.

Hosts are all 🔥

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I am really excited about the opportunity to connect and discuss any of these topics with other Admins!

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For anyone who’s on the fence about this -- attended last year and it was fantastic. Looking forward to this year, @revathimenon is 100% correct -- the hosts are 🔥😀