This time next week....Pulse Europe & Session Sneak Peaks!

  • 8 November 2023
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I can’t believe it, but this time next week I’ll be sitting in the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam having just presented two (hopefully) amazing sessions at Pulse Europe



While I’m SO excited to visit Amsterdam for the first time (and take a boat tour of the 165+ canals in the city!), I’m EQUALLY excited to be sharing some really tactical and strategic tidbits on Collaboration for Cohesive Product Experiences and how Gainsight is thinking about and executing on AI with @jake_ellis. See a sneak peak of what I’ll share live below 👇👇👇


Cross-Functional Collaboration for Cohesive Product Experiences


Everyone wants to deliver a compelling, cohesive experience for their customers in-product. But, with so many stakeholders, how do you ensure that the experiences you deliver are ACTUALLY cohesive - not only delivered at the right time with the right message but also look and feel the same?

In this session, with a slide sneak peek below, we’ll cover the who, what and when of digital in-app programs, how to create these experiences cross-functionally, and cover a few tactical examples of what these programs look like in practice.  


Sneak peek of Cohesive Product Experiences Session at Pulse Europe


Powered by AI: How Gainsight is Taking CS to the Stratosphere and Beyond



AI isn’t just a buzzword - it’s already out there today, impacting how we live and how we work. In this session, you’ll hear how Gainsight is thinking about and delivering on AI (including some exciting new releases, coming November 15!) and how we’re looking at the challenges and roadblocks AI might present. 


Sneak peek of Cohesive Product Experiences Session at Pulse Europe


While you should (obviously 😉) attend BOTH of these sessions, there’s a ton of great topics on the full agenda to explore! Can’t wait to see everyone there! 🚀


Are there any questions on these topics you’re hoping to see covered? Let us know in the comments!

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Wohoo @Tori Jeffcoat 🔥 so pumped for your session!

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@Tori Jeffcoat What a fantastic opportunity to expand my knowledge ,to  look at building/executing a digital vision/mission, any specific skills you would suggest is key for a Digital/Scale CSM team?