• 28 June 2022
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Please use this blog post as a place to discuss your thoughts on the sessions and topics covered in the track 'Driving Growth Cross-Functionally And Community-wide'. What did you find the most inspiring?


Cross-functional priorities such as driving product adoption, increasing net-revenue retention, improving customer satisfaction, and driving advocacy need a unified approach across multiple teams in your company. It also requires effective digital engagement with your customer community. Hear from experts who will share their lessons on how to achieve this unified approach.

6 replies

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Hi everyone!  SO excited to see you all Pulse next week!   I’ll be meeting with some amazing Panelists @marja_moore (Infoblox), Ryan Davidson (Inovalon), and John Peluso (Ave Point)  to talk about How to Drive Value by Aligning Product and Customer Success!  


 😍Would LOVE to hear how you currently do this in your own organization?? 😍


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Welcome inSided leadership @Joris, @MargrietP, @pawelpap on this thread :) 

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Ah, I’ll be sending your way @Julian@Sebastian@pawelpap to this thread via the booth :)


Day 1 of #Pulse2022 is off to an amazing start. Make sure to check out ALL of the #community sessions this year and to stop by and say hi 👋

— inSided by Gainsight (@insidedhq) August 17, 2022
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Some amazing content being shared by the Dealerware team about how they’ve leveraged our PX + CS products to drive operational efficiency and improve customer engagement!

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Who else LOVED today’s session on Driving Value by Aligning Product and Customer Success? Thank you so much to @JohnConnected@rdavidsen, @marja_moore, and @kathleenkenny23 for such an engaging conversation! This is such an important topic, and they touched on a lot of great ideas for improving collaboration across these two teams: 

  • Monthly product-CS meetings that serve as forums for CSMs to advocate directly to PMs on behalf of their customers
  • Incentivizing PMs to think about renewals
  • Strategies for incorporating customer feedback into the roadmap while balancing larger strategic initiatives
  • Empathizing with members of other teams despite different priorities, and bridging the gap between CSMs operating at the customer level and PMs using a product-wide view (talk about Human First!)

What do you wish that Product and CS knew about each other, and how would you use that to improve collaboration across these teams? 

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Oh thank you So much for capturing in great detail and sharing back with the community @broghanzwack