• 14 June 2022
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Please use this blog post as a place to discuss your thoughts on the sessions and topics covered in the track 'Scaling Massively with Digital Engagement'. What did you find the most inspiring?


Digital-first is the preferred way that most customers want to engage, and digital engagement is the only way to ensure no customers are ever ignored. Learn from customer success, product, and community experts on the best strategies to engage your customers and your community in personalized yet highly scalable ways.

7 replies

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Would love to hear from followers of this track 1-2 digital motions that have over-delivered vs expectations! 




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Moved one of our NPS programs to start with in-app (where the target user is most likely to be) and then moves to email if no response. All automated. 70%+ increase in response rates  🔥



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Sherrod Patching and I will be running a workshop called “Digital and Scale are not just for the Longtail”. Some things to consider:

  1. We should not just think of digital as delivering efficiencies, but effectiveness, too! It can go where a CSM cannot such as greater reach, such like a CSM can do things Digital cannot
  2. Consider a multi-pronged approach with dedicated CSMs, pooled CSMs to parachute in, and Digital. All three of these can work effectively together
  3. Segmentation: be thoughtful about how to segment your customers for a dedicated CSM, a scale (pooled) CSM, and Digital only
  4. Get started with Digital and be okay iterating in the beginning
  5. To get to maturity, you need to know your ROI and have cross-functional alignment with Marketing, Product, Finance, and others

See you all soon!

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Watching @angie_delarosa presenting about overcoming the fear of getting started. Great stats on her email open/click rates on this non-designed email that was automated. All, if you’re sending automated customer emails, are you seeing better email stats with more casual or designed emails? Newsletters vs. what looks like one-to-one?

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Excellent presentation by Drift! Number 1 and 2 on this digital journey chart are so important. What are the retention signals? And are the customer health scores even established yet? You can’t get “digital-first” set up correctly if you don’t establish these steps. 

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Curious to hear from folks that participated in this track if there was a session that touched on Health Score for an At Scale/Digital customer base?

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@sarahmiracle Drift’s session on Customer Experience - “Session 8: Deploying the Right Digital-First Approach” has a nice piece on health scoring, you should definitely check that one out!