Unlocking the Secrets of Digital Customer Engagement: Join Me at Pulse 2023 in Amsterdam!

  • 30 October 2023
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Hallöchen, fellow enthusiasts of the digital age :) 

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be on stage at Pulse EU 2023.

In today’s resource limited and data overloaded world, mastering the art of digital customer engagement is the key to treat all your customer like top-tiers. My talk is your exclusive ticket to learn how we at SAP Signavio created our digital customer journey.

Why You Should Join:

  • Insider Insights: I’ll be sharing our resources and templates, leaving you with actionable strategies to leverage your digital customer journey.
  • Scalability made easy: You will learn that Gainsight can act as perfect base to create meaningful digital experiences.
  • Learn & Failure: To give you a smooth start I will share learnings & failures with you faced within the last three years.  

Save the Date: Wednesday, 15/11 at 10:50 @Support Module Room

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks, downloadable templates, and compelling content during my talk.

See you at the session!! 

[Register here: Scalability Powered by Automated Digital Customer Journeys]


11 replies

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Thank you for sharing this with us! @CaeciliaHemmerich 

Such a key topic - i can already see a house full for this one.

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It's gonna be 🔥 ! Very much looking forward to your speech!

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Definitely exciting news for everyone attending Pulse! Looking forward to this awesome session @CaeciliaHemmerich 😊

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More than excited for this, looking forward to all this amazing content @CaeciliaHemmerich 🙌

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@CaeciliaHemmerich Journey Orchestrator is a centre for automated communications, I can't wait to listen to amazing content. Excited...😀

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Dear Community, please download our mailing templates here: 




Thanks a lot for your interest and for joining the session 💛 Sincerely,  Cäcilia

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@CaeciliaHemmerich Which 3 important datapoints do you collect to pro actively reach out to your customers?

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Dear @aiprakash, it really depends on the mailing itself. Is there a particular mailing where you would like to know the datapoints that we collect? Thank you and best, Cäcilia

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@CaeciliaHemmerichespecially for people who are not regularly interacting or whose adoption has decreased.

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Our main indicators are the following ones: 


  • License assignment < a certain threshold
  • License usage < a certain threshold
  • Not live yet = have not connected the solution
  • Health Score < 50

Then send out customer adoption mailing. 

Hope that helps. Best, 

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This 🔥 topic session can be accessed here.