How does your internal CSM team get notified about survey responses?

  • 28 June 2016
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We want to have the CSM of an account notified when a contact within an account completes a survey (a full survey, not just one answer to a question and not exclusive to NPS items/responses). Is this possible, and if so, would we use CoPilot to send an internal email to the CSM? Moreover, if we do use CoPilot to do this, what would the source object be when deriving the list of contacts from either SFDC or MDA?

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7 replies

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Hi Allie,

There's no mechanism to explicitly notify when a survey is complete, but here's what I would suggest:

1) Use the same mechanism that's outlined in this proposal ( to create a CTA on any response to the last question in your Survey. It assumes that if they complete the last question then they have completed the Survey but it's the most straightforward way to do this.

2) The other option would be to use the 'Survey Participant' object (JBCXM__SurveyParticipant__c) to build CoPilot criteria. You could look for a 'Response Date = Today/Yesterday' which would work. It would be difficult to filter for responses to a specific survey though, so I would suggest #1 if you need to do that. 

Let me know if that helps!

Hi Marie,

Thanks for the help, this is great. Does the second option include responses to any item in a survey or does it include responding to/submitting a survey in general?

Thanks again!

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So for option #2 it would find ANY response to ANY survey that was submitted yesterday. It would be challenging to filter it down to any particular question.

The general behavior for Survey Responses is that these records aren't created until the survey itself is submitted so for both option #1 and #2 someone had to submit the survey for the subsequent action to take place (CTA or Email).
Ok thanks! Is there a current desire from other customers to be notified in a simpler way, and if not, can this warrant a feature request?
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Can't say that I've heard that one before but I think it would be a great feature request!
I want this.

we would love to be able to add to a program the ability to send a survey response email (with other info about the customer and the response/comments) to certain roles on an account.