Adoption Explorer Date field identifier

  • 12 March 2021
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We have data that gets updated daily - and sometimes certain usage data is upserted.

Is there a way to use two filters for upserting the data in AE vs Global filter.

Example: count of a particular telemetry in history can change based on modified date and hence needs to be pulled into GS based on this field.

However, the usage metric needs to use a different field (say created date) for timebased usage count. 

Has anyone encountered or solved a similar criteria? AE doesn’t seem to honor two different fields.

3 replies

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@aparimala Thanks for sharing the use-case too. I will get back to you on this. 

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@parimala - Can we not have 2 different data sources configured in the Time series object pointing to same S3/MDA/Source  - One which uses modified date and another where we use created_date to pull metrics?

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@skalle I gave a thought to the same idea. If I added the same source as two data sources - they will be updated differently and drill down data (truth of data) will be different.