Automatically close CTA is no longer needed

  • 10 July 2017
  • 4 replies

I'm new to Gainsight and need to automatically close a CTA if a that CTA/Task are no longer needed before the agent closes that CTA/Task

4 replies

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Mendy -

Welcome to Gainsight.  Have you looked into the Rules Engine action for "Close CTA"?

What is the criteria you would use to determine if the CTA should be closed?
I have a CTA created if a document is 3 days from expiring.  I need to close that CTA if the document gets signed between the CTA creation and the user closing the CTA
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Hi Mendy, This is interesting and I am interested in understanding the requirement in detail and solve. Would you be able to show this to me in a live meeting from you instance. If yes, please let me know and I will reach out to you via email. 
Hi!  Sorry it took a while to respond to you.   I can walk/talk you though my need