Bringing usage data from multiple platforms

  • 18 November 2021
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Hi Admin Community,


Are you trying to bring Usage data from multiple platforms into Gainsight? Please have a look at below basic points before setting up the configuration.


Is the data aggregated or raw data?: If the usage data is in high volumes, it is always recommended to do aggregations in the rule itself and bring the aggregate data into Gainsight instead of pulling the whole data dump. Aggregations on usage data with respect to user, Account and date identifiers is standard way to dump usage data.



Does each platform have a common identifier?(like SFDC account id): This is the most important and first step. What common identifiers do they have on each platform and Gainsight?

After pulling any usage data to Gainsight, it needs to have a lookup on Company object inorder for the CSM to build insights on top of them and bring those reports to C360 section. So it’s necessary that usage data brought from any platform should have common identifier with Company object in Gainsight.


At what level the data is coming- Is it at user level or Account level?: Check if the data is coming at user level, then Company level usage can be determined using this data itself.

So we will store User level data in one object and using this object as source, aggregated data at Company level will be stored in another object.


Should the Usage from multiple platform be pushed into a single object? Pushing data from multiple platforms into single object creates more complexity and it’s difficult to back track and debug. It’s better to create separate objects for each platform and store them separately. Incase if we want to build insights based on fields present in different objects, we have to make of data designer and perform calculations over there.


Should separate objects be created with different granularities- Weekly, monthly? - Most of the aggregations w.r.t time granularity could be done in report builder itself. We can make use of different inbuilt functions and summarise the data in reports and bring them to C360 page. If you want to use this information in other areas like scorecard, cockpit aggregations can be performed in rule itself where you are calculating scores, or creating CTAs. 


Hope this information helps, if you have any more questions on handling usage data, please post them in comments.


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