Bug when grouping CTAs by dates

  • 7 March 2019
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Our CSMs would like to group CTAs by this "next renewal date" field we've implemented into the cockpit view. however, when the grouping is done, it doesn't sort the groups chronologically whatsoever, it groups them correctly but the groups are just all over the place.


Best answer by aditya_marla 12 March 2019, 08:38

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3 replies

Hi Oscar,

Thanks for sharing this. The groups are sorted by the #CTA's present in each group. Ideally you want then to be sorted based on the ascending / descending order of dates right?

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@oscarhero Did you get a chance to view the comments by @aditya_marla.

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@oscarhero Is this still an issue for you? Please let us if you need any help from us.