business intelligence universe for gainsight aws specification data

  • 17 August 2021
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Hello Gainsight Community,

We are building a universe (business intelligence/business objects) from the export of the Gainsight AWS bucket files as per the Gainsight AWS specification online.

I seek your knowledge on the architectural design of the universe.  The simple joins by account id, identifier id, as well as also in master data engagement id and master data feature id… is not enough.

That design gets us one path to list the account, user, ..engagements, or list the features, or list the external events for a product.

In one universe, I am looking for pulling all tenant, all product, engagements, features, events, surveys, etc. into one business objects report.  Or even if I go into Power BI, the same thing. or even if I go into Access.  

Has anyone combined data in one universe, etc. to allow overall reporting of Gainsight data for the company?

Thanks for your help.


4 replies

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@Janine Marlatt thank you for sharing your query here. I will explore on it and get back to you.

@jean.nairon @gunjanm @darkknight @darshana.shah @seth do you have any inputs on this??

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Just to confirm for the folks Sai mentioned, @Janine Marlatt, I believe you’re looking for this schema info for PX data, not CS?

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I’m not really certain on the PX data model from that perspective. I would think you may need to pull from other data sources though if you are wanting to report on all these details or have multiple exports. I don’t think one export could easily provide you with all those different layers. 

Yes a schema for Gainsight PX.  I am finding it very difficult to do any reporting when only a very few fields are available for export to AWS.


Any help you can give would be appreciated.