Calculated fields in Data Designer are not showing up correctly in reports

  • 25 March 2020
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I created a Design in Data designer that brings data from the same object (App Usage Trends) but one of them with a date filter. Essentially: Current week and previous week. I then created a calculated field that give me the difference between the current count and previous week's count. Pretty simple. I also created several other "difference fields". The sample data at the bottom shows those calculated fields properly but when used in Analyze or a report, they show up as Zero (second screen shot).

I did run the design to create a Dataspace and I get the same results in a report.


Has anyone seen this before?


My calculated fields are part of a Transform box and all look like this:


When I did not have “Treat null as Zero” checked, that field was coming back empty, in the report, but was showing data in the sample. Real mystery.




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Tried with a similar use case in my org and below are the results with Out “treat null value as Zero”


The smaple Data Preview:


But this is not the case if we check the “Treat null value as zero”

In this case will get the data in the calculated fields. Because we are providing a Zero value in case if there is no data in any of the Numeric fields which are used for to calculation purpose.


Sample Data Preview:



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@lyne_therien Does Phani’s post help you? This is the expected behaviour(designed to work) of the product.