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Our team would find it really helpful if we were able to set Call to Action due dates based on additional parameters vs. just 'X' number of days from CTA fire date.

Our particular use case is tied a new beta Onboarding program.

We fire the call to action based on the opportunity booked/won date, which could be 7/1 but the team would like the due date of the call to action to be tied to 'X' number of days to when the products are scheduled to go live (not when the opportunity was booked/closed won), which could be days, weeks or even months later.

I don't believe there is any way around this but would be interested to hear if others could use this same function or have found a work around to solve for a similar need.

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We plan to add this capability in rules engine create CTA action. ETA tentatively winter release.


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Hi Nitisha,

Is there any update to adding the ability to adjust CTA due dates based on future events?  I just received a request from my team to do something similar - make the CTA due date based on the date of the start of testing plus 30 days.  

Thanks! Nancy
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Hi Nancy,

I'll let Nitisha comment on the timing for the new feature, but the use case that you describe should be able to be done today. 

Since the creation of a CTA via rules can set the due date to a fixed number of days after the rule run date, in your use case you'd pull in the start of testing date as a filter criteria in your bionic rule setup and then only create CTAs for situations for which the start of testing date is equal to yesterday with the due date equal to "run date + 29 days".

Would this get you what you need?
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Hi Dan,

I understand what you're suggesting, but I don't think it solves our specific issue. 

The CSM is asking for a CTA that is due at the completion of the Test phase of deployment.

The complication comes in two ways:  first, the deployment stages are not date fields.  Rather, there is one field that contains the Deployment stage, that is updated during deployment.  So, it would only be Test at the start of the test stage.  Second, the CTA should be triggered at the start of the previous stage (which is Deploy), and scheduled to end when the Test Phase ends.  

I appreciate the quick response.  I'll keep fiddling around and see if I can jerry-rig something.

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Interesting use case here. If I'm reading correctly, it sounds like the actual start of the clock towards due date would be set when the status of the stage is set to Deploy (at which time the expectation is that the total test process would take 30 days or less)? Is the Test Phase a fairly standard duration or could there be variability in the test phase that would push the expected CTA due date out?

If I'm still missing the entirety of the use case, I'm happy to jump on a call and talk through it real time with you. Let me know if that would be helpful.