Closing CTAs: Why does Gainsight require that all playbook tasks are completed?

  • 7 October 2019
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Good Morning-

Our SVP of CS has tasked me with determining the completion percentage of all our currently deployed playbooks. The problem with this request:

When CSMs close out a CTA, Gainsight asks "Should we change the status of all open tasks to Closed for you?"

This forced closure of all open tasks eliminates a pathway to determine which tasks are completed which eliminates our ability to:

1. Determine which steps are actually useful

2. Determine if all CSMs are completing all steps for a consistent client experience

3. Identify missed opportunities for training/enablement/enhancements.

Why does Gainsight force close all playbook tasks?

Is there a setting I as the admin can change to allow CTAs and playbooks to be closed without all the tasks being completed so we can do analysis on usage?




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Hi James, the default closed status of a CTA can be configured to your organization's needs. See this help page for more information on how to do that: