Compare old/new data when updating a MDA Object

  • 3 July 2018
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I ́m updating a MDA Object thru Bulk API from a CSV file, but i need to compare the old data and the new, how can i do that?

For example: 

Send my CSV file containing:

Client: Dell

Available licences: 50

Used licences: 20

Then, a month later i send my CSV file again:

Client: Dell

Available licenses: 50

Used licenses: 15

It ́s important for us to be aware of this decrease when updating the object, is that possible?

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Hi Ricardo, 

There is no direct way to know the decrease of the field value. 

We have a workaround.

Step 1: Create new field called Previous Value.

Step 2: Create a rule and push the value to the Previous Value field(create a scheduler based on your requirement).

Step 3: Once the rule ran, load the CSV again. 

Step 4: Create one more rule to compare the values(Condition : Current Value <th Previous Value). 

Step 5: Create action in rule.

Let me know if you are fine with this. I can also help you in configuring the rule. 

@All,  If you have other ways to achieve the above use-case, please suggest here.