Connectors 2.0 Horizon Experience

  • 11 January 2021
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We have redesigned Connectors 2.0, powered by Gainsight Horizon experience. We will soon migrate existing tenants to the Connectors 2.0 (Horizon Experience) which is more intuitive and simple to use. If you want to upgrade your tenant earlier to the Connectors 2.0 (Horizon Experience), please contact Gainsight support.

Note: By default, all the new tenants will have Connectors 2.0 (Horizon Experience).

The following are the advantages of Connectors 2.0 (Horizon Experience):

  • Merge Data: Merge data from the two source objects and then sync with Gainsight. Merge data option is available for BigQuery, Pipedrive, Zendesk, Jira, Freshdesk, Intercom, Zoho and Zuora connectors.
  • Create Jobs: Easily drag and drop source objects to create a job and sync data with Gainsight in the Jobs Preparation page.
  • Job Chains Page: Simplify the process of scheduling a group of dependent Jobs that you need to run in a particular sequence. 

For more information on the Connectors 2.0  with Horizon Experience, refer to the Basic Configurations article.

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