Create custom mapping for Zendesk Organisation in the Zendesk connector

  • 28 November 2019
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Hi there - 


I have the zendesk connector set up and syncing fine - but for reporting I’m only able to build reports using the organisation ID which is numeric field. I added a mapping file using the CSV import function on the Zendesk connector page to map the numeric Zendesk organisation value to a name. It doesn’t appear to have worked. When I go to build a report organisation ID and organisation name are both available, but organisation name has no value attached to it.


Can any of you offer any suggestions or tips as to where I might be going wrong?

many thanks

PS:The input csv looks like this, but with more rows.

CompanyId CompanyName ZendeskOrganizationId ZendeskOrganizationName


CORP UK 12345678910111213




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Hi @Dave_M - I think there might be a problem with the format of the input file. 


Based on this support article:


The format should be: ZendeskOrganizationId, CompanyName, ZendeskOrganizationName, CompanyId

@dan_ahrens  may thanks for your reply. I modified my input file but haven’t had any success since. Building with Organization Name still delivers no names just one the total number of tickets (count of tickets vs Orgnaization name).

I may just log this as a support issue but thanks very much for taking the time to respond.