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  • 1 August 2018
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Is there a way to have a CTA linked to just the CSM and not to an account? Essentially I am looking to send each CSM one CTA that instructs them to perform an action across all of their accounts. The use case for this is so that my CSMs that have 60+ accounts won't have their Cockpit overloaded BUT still receive the reminder. 


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3 replies

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I don't this is possible as of today with Gainsight. I think CTA is not an ideal use case here. Timeline is. If you can create the specific activity type on the Timeline, ask the CSMs to log these activities on the Timeline and then report off of the absence of these activities i.e report on all my accounts where Activity A did not happen over the past X days will be much more helpful here. This will help create a better log, better manageability and prevent CTA overload.
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Hi Shane, there are a couple ways that come to mind.

1 - if you add your company as a customer record in Gainsight, you could assign those type of CSM specific CTAs and use your company name as the assigned company. This would help you avoid proliferation of CTAs as you described.

2 - if you didn't want to go with option 1, you could pull in all the customers by CSM and then filter on the MAX value of ARR to give you the top dollar customer per CSM and then use that customer to trigger the CTA. In the description of the CTA, indicate that this is a notification CTA and the described action needs to be done for all of the customers in their portfolio.

Also - as Meenal mentioned, if you don't trigger a CTA per account, you'll have trouble tracking completion of the task. Asking them to log a Timeline entry would work in this scenario, but depending on the task, the Timeline entry might be more work for the CSM than just firing those 60+ CTAs and having them checkbox them as complete when the task is done.
Thanks for laying out these options Dan! They were very insightful.