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  • 22 February 2022
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Hello! This information below is intended to be a general FAQ regarding Gainsight’s CS Ops Product Council program. If you have a question about the Council that you don’t see answered here, please contact CSOpsProductCouncil@gainsight.com.


What is the Gainsight CS Ops Product Council?

The Gainsight CS Ops Product Council is a group of individuals from the Gainsight GameChanger Community, who meet every 6 weeks to discuss trends in the Customer Success community and advise on Gainsight Product Development. 

Our program mission is to elevate CS Ops Community contributors and inspire the next generation of Customer Success software and best practices with 3 key objectives in mind:

  1. Recognize, reward, and elevate CS Ops Community contributors

  2. Leverage member's knowledge and passion to advise on Gainsight Product Development

  3. Provide a positive Community example of contribution and leadership to help grow and better the CS Ops community 


How is someone nominated for the Council?

For the inaugural 2022 Council, nominations were solicited from Gainsight employees. For the 2023 Council, we want this to be a program run “by the people for the people'' and will solicit nominations directly from our GameChanger Community. 


How are selections for the Council made?

Once all nominations are in, a selection committee (composed of Gainsight employees and current Council members) will review the anonymized nominations, results will be tallied, and 15 individuals will be selected. 

Attributes considered in the nomination and selection process:

  1. Supportive of making Community a richer place 

  2. Quality and/or frequency of Community contributions

  3. Expressed willingness to learn, think outside the box, collaborate, and help others 

  4. Demonstrates empathy and kindness, models positive behavior, and is respectful of differing opinions/viewpoints 

  5. Gives feedback gracefully 

  6. Participation in CS Ops thought leadership & advocacy events (i.e. Pulse presenter, panel discussions, or other speaking engagements)


How long is the Product Council appointment? 

1 year - Nominations will be solicited in Q4 of every year.


What is the time commitment asked for from Council Members?

90 minutes every 6 weeks for each session. Approximately 1 hour or less of prep work is required for each session. Examples of prep work include  roadmap ranking of enhancements, documenting feedback on a specific topic(s), etc. 


What are the benefits of becoming a Product Council Member?*

  • Welcome & end-of-year appreciation gifts

  • Community and LinkedIn badges 

  • Pulse Keynote VIP Seating 

  • Private Community group 

  • Direct access to select members of our Product Management team with every session 

  • Gainsight-sponsored Admin certification for the entire year 

*Benefits subject to change annually.

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Thanks @sshroff for explaining the FAQs, moved it under Product News. Let’s plan bigger successes!