CTA 'escalation' process

  • 19 February 2019
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Has anyone developed a CTA 'escalation' process within the Gainsight Cockpit, whereby if a CTA goes un-touched or un-completed for a given amount of time, a process kicks off to involve the CSM's Manager?

I'm in discussions with a line of business regarding this, and they want a CSM's Manager to somehow be informed if a CTA of a certain Type and Reason is not attended to for a given timeframe. Perhaps the CTA is re-assigned to the CSM's Manager. Or a new Task is added to the existing CTA that is to the CSM's Manager so it appears in the CSM Manager's Cockpit as well.

I'm thinking now that Bionic Rules' "Call To Action" actions won't be enough to accomplish this, as they deal primarily in creating and closing CTAs, but not modifying existing CTAs. I have a hunch that "Load to SFDC" might work because CTAs and Tasks are SFDC objects under the covers, but before I invest in that work, I'm seeking ideas from anyone who has done this, or has pondered it.

Also for what it's worth, I'm discussing with my line of business that within Gainsight, good configuration and operational mandate would render this type of escalation unnecessary. That is, if a Manager is watching their Direct Reports' Cockpits well, escalations like this are not necessary. To date, I haven't quite satisified my requesters, hence I would like to be ready with some sort of escalation process within Gainsight , if possible.


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I assume adding a report to a manager dashboard highlighting the offending CTAs won't suffice?

I haven't built anything, but if i had to, I would just trigger a CTA to the manager rather than overarchitect it.

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Such a report should suffice, and already exists, and is likely the best practice. The 2nd CTA could work too.

In this scenario, I'll try to talk my internal customers out of this escalation process, but I'm also seeking the input of the community in case anyone has already done it.

Maybe you could build a program or outreach that displays the offending CTAs. Then schedule it to send everyday or once a week. We haven't created this in our org - but i think it's possible.

We've just created reports that managers view on their dashboards (like what Jeff mentioned)