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  • 12 December 2017
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I have a customer that has a rule creating a CTA but assigning to the "default owner" rather than the account CSM initially.

We now see that the rule has executed recently and during the run the rule results sheet is fetching the owner as expected,  the actual owner of the CTA is still showing as default owner. This is the concern of customer.

The answer for this is, as per the code/design, when a CTA is created either via rules/manually. And if we have similar setup to update the same CTA, the system will update only the priority, status, name and comments sections. Though if there are any changes to the owner field, it will not override the existing owner. The owner will remain same.


The customer would like the rule to also update/override the owner field as well.

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Hi Cameron,

When rule runs and there are existing CTA's(thats decided on Type, Reason, Status Category - either open or closed, Name - if selected as Identifier), then we update Comments - if any, Priority - if changed from Low to High, Playbook's - Will only get applied if Priority is getting updated (if existing CTA didn't had any playbook).

We do have it in our roadmap to give more flexibility in Create CTA action, we will consider the above point at that time.

For now you can ask the Customer to make Name as Identifier(and to make sure there are no CTAs in system with same name) and run the rule, which will make sure a new CTA is created with expected owner. 

Let me know in case of any question.