CTA/Playbook reoccurrence

We have weekly and every other week meetings with our clients and we track these meetings via CTA and a Status Report Playbook. Is it possible to schedule a reoccurrence of this CTA/Playbook similar to creating a reoccurring meeting in Outlook?


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Using the Rules Engine, you could setup to have the CTA created on a schedule - say every Sunday morning, for example.

You may need to consider including the Name of the CTA as an Identifier under the Rule Action and add a unique token to the Name field, such as the Rule Date. This way a CTA will get created each time the rule runs regardless if there is another CTA of the same type and reason for that customer that is still open.

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You can create a recurring CTA, but what we've often seen is that the precise cadence of meetings can shift due to vacation time or other events. Then your entire recurrence schedule is off.

What generally works better is to follow the course John outlined above where you use a rule to create the next CTA driven on the close event of the most recent opened CTA of that type. That way if the CTA gets pushed out a week or two, your next meeting is also keeping cadence with the revised schedule.