CTA 'Reason' field in Success Plan Objectives?

  • 13 August 2021
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Hi brand new GS user and admin here.  



Leverage Success Plans to, once selected, automatically create multiple CTAs for touchpoints (QBRs & monthly check-ins).  All CTAs should have ‘reason = QBR’ or ‘reason = Monthly check-in’  



When I’m in Admin → Success Plans → Success Plan Type → Configure Templates → Add Objective, I see multiple fields (see Add Objective screen shot), but I don’t see the same ‘reason’ field from CTAs, which I need so I can report on the number and status of QBRs and monthly check-ins.  



How do I get the CTA ‘reason’ field in a Success Plan Objective?  If this isn’t possible, what is the best way for a user to create multiple predefined CTAs? 


Example of Objective where I want to add in the ‘reason’ field from CTAs.



Example of the ‘reason’ field that I’m looking for:


2 replies

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@Anil Raj Pujari need your inputs here.



You could create a custom field for objective CTA type with datatype as dropdown list. The dropdown list can have reasons like QBR or Monthly Checkin. The custom field will show up when creating a template from success plan admin page.