Customer Feedback on Dependencies & Object Graph

  • 2 February 2021
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Hi All,

I am a Product manager for Data management in Gainsight.

We are planning to revamp following tabs  in Data Management -

  1. Dependencies 
  2. Object Graph

Could you pls help in providing with following feedback -


  • What data do you look for  / the most common usecases for which you visit Dependencies & Object Graph?
  • How often do you see data on Dependencies & Object Graph?
  • How can we improve your experience for viewing data on Dependencies & Object Graph?
  • What are the pain points you find on Dependencies & Object Graph?

Thank you


3 replies

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I really only visit the Dependencies tab if I’m going to make a change to a field in the object so that I know where else I might see the impacts.  Before your post, I had actually never looked at the Object Graph at all.

For viewing data in the Dependencies section, it might be good to have a way to quickly jump to the area of the dependency. 

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@heather_hansen Thanks for the feedback!

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Dependencies really needs to remember what field we’re looking at dependencies for FOR ALL tabs. It’s unusable otherwise. We can’t keep re-selecting the field we’re looking at to view rules dependencies, then report dependencies and then whatever other tab. It’s unusable. 

The summary needs to be shown on one page and it needs to remember what field we’re investigating.